Tuesday, April 27, 2010


my auntie came to stay for a few days today and she brought me this note that my lovely cousin taylor wrote for me. THANKS TAYLOR! haha :) <3


so, my mom got this new thing to cover our swing outside, she had to put it in the watch cause spencer got mnm's on it..... the fuzzy stuff came off of it and went into that huge pipe thats connected to the dryer. my mom had to take it all out to get our dryer to work again. that picture above is how much fuzz was in it... lovely.


sunday was a pretty chill day. it was so nice outside. i loved it.


i got a tripod on saturday! woohoo! i was playing with it pretty much the rest of the day.


we went on a walk to grandmas on friday! he is so cute. end of story.


we did some sewing in girl guard on thursday.... this is the scary sewing machine.... awesome.


these flowers are stalking me! but, i'm okay with that :)


well hello there flower :)


flowers flowers FLOWERS. have i mentioned how much i love them? they're all over the place!


i like being able to do everything on my ipod. go on facebook. check the weather. google something. listen to music. everything.


i like to play with my hair... curling it specifically :)


SOOO on friday i had a track meet and Nick and his girlfriend Becky came with my mom and spence to watch me. it was an invitational so it was SUPER LONG! my last event was the 800m (which is in the middle) didnt start till like 8:45 when it was suppost to start at 7:05. so yea, they were running a "little" late. so we finally were in the car and on our way home at like 9:00 and didnt get home till 10:00ish. but none of us had eaten dinner, so Nick, Becky, and I went out to chillis... goooood stuff man. so thats what this picture is of... our food. :)


he likes to smell the flowers :)


LOVE <3 i made this in girl guards and i thought i would share it :)


yay flowers!


dress up time!

Sunday, April 11, 2010


soooo, on sunday : i was at my friends house for a sleepover until about 11:00am, then my other friend gave me a ride home. i had the house to myself for about an hour and a half or so. it was very quiet! then i ate some scrabble cheez-its and tried to spell out "love" but there wasn't a "v" in the bag so all i got was "lo e"...


the sun was out on saturday! this is just the shaded area and the... non-shaded area?
+ the Birks stopped by to for a little bit and we hung out outside for a little while. then we went inside and talked some more! then i went to my friend's birthday party/sleepover. overall, saturday was a great day :)


spencers liked this purse so i let him play with it for a little while.... turns out he likes to chew on it too. oh the joys of teething :)


for desert on thursday we had chocolate with strawberrys and bananas.... my favorite!
spencer liked it too as you can see :) hahaha


this is what i like to call "punk spencer"
this was after my track meet and we were in the car waiting in the line for the drive through at mcdonalds ...i wanted to eat something healthy after my track meet... noooot really :)


stawberrys are the most amazing fruits ever! well, those, and bananas :) they are sweet and juicy.... what's not to like right?


well, monday was my first day back from spring break.... bleh.
but on the plus side, we got a late start that day. instead of starting at 7:30, we started at 9:35! woohoo!
and swiffer got fixed on monday so he had to wear this cone and let me tell you, it hurt us when we ran into our legs with it! he was not very fond of this cone. but don't worry, he isnt wearing it anymore. :)


HAPPY EASTER! (last sunday...)
sunday was a pretty chill day :)

Saturday, April 3, 2010


we died some eggs today!!! it was great! then i just chilled at my grandma's house... watched some tv, took some pictures, ate some tacos (that's what we had for dinner) then i UPDATED MY BLOG! whew, it took quite a while!


wellllll, we went to the good friday service on friday! it was very nice! and i wore my green and white outfit to it but my mom said not to wear my green converse with it so i had to just wear some flats.... so when we got home i had nothing better to do so i just took pictures :) then i made cookie dough (and my mom did the baking), then we went to IHOP (my fave). so overall, it was a pretty good day!


so, i walked over to my grandma's house today and i was walking by all these yellow flowers so i decided to pick one... just for the heck of it you know? i put it in my bag and forgot about it until i got back home when i discoved that it had gotten smushed... it made me sad :( but i got over it :)


wednesday was pretty uneventful except for the fact that i saw THE LAST SONG!!! gosh, i love the book and the movie was fantastic too! i mean, dont get me wrong, the book was a lot better (because books are always better) but the movie was amazing! it made me cry a little bit.i personally liked "the last song" better than "dear john". but thats just my opinion.


bahahahaha nick...... he wanted to be in my blog so now he is!


pretty much awesomeness. i love converse a lot. but, monday was pretty nice. it was "hot" outside.... nick came home for a couple of days. :) we also went to the park with the whole family (mom, nick, cam, me, and spencer), then went out to dinner. good times!


he LOVES to wear my mom's old tunik!!! i think this is a sign... born to be an officer????


sooooo, we went to the ISB (international staff band) concert on saturday night and before they started i was just taking a whole bunch of pictures. my camera can zoom in FAR! but, that is my moms eplit... she's a MAJOR! just thought i would mention that.


ummmm... yea


spencer IS a monkey. not joking.