Friday, May 14, 2010


he was giving the big teddy bear loves. awwwww <3

spencer is a "babe magnet"... so we got him a cup that say that on it :)



this is spencer.
those are spencer's gangsta pj's.
you like?
i do!
<3 him.


so, do you see that lucky charms box? yes?
well, that is THE biggest box of cereal i have ever seen! just FYI.
target is the best.


so, we have to do this thing in math called a tessallation. ugh. it involves drawing.... which i am NOT gifted at. seriously. so this picture is of the star that i had to trace because i cant draw a lot of stars, so ya. there you go.


well, monday... monday, monday, monday.... was not fantastic. a lot of things went wronge, and just didnt go the way i wanted. but hey, thats life i guess.
but, when i'm kinda stressed, i clean.... which i know is weird, but its the truth. so, i cleaned my desk off. for FOREVER i have not been able to use my desk, and i was getting sick of it. so i cleaned it, rearranged it, and made it look pretty :) i was happy with myself.


well, we came home on sunday :( i love washinton so much, i just didn't want to leave. this was the plane that we came home on from san fran. very tiny. very noisy.


on saturday we went to gig harbor, washington to go to a memorial service for my mom's friend's daughter. She was 19 years old when she died, and died of cancer. she had such a strong faith in God and was a living testimony of God's love. she lived a short life, but touched many. she is greatly missed. please pray for her family as they are going through this hard time. <3
and this is a picture of my grandpa's grave in gig harbor. we went to visit it, along with my dad's, for a little bit.


ok so, i took my picture for friday on my mom's camera and she left it in washinton. it's getting mailed to us, so a picture will be uploaded soon... sorry!


on thursday we went on a plane heading to WASHINGTON!!! woohoo! we were there from thursay night to sunday afternoonish. it was a good time.


cameron brought a couple of bouncy balls home from school on wednesday so spencer played with them a little. i thought this one looked nifty


so, i got a kindle for my birthday! its super cool and i love it! it's super convenient and just so amazing! and since i love reading now (which is weird cause last year i hated it) its awesome :)


so, it was my birthday on monday! i turned 15 incase you didn't know :)
and my mom used this wrapping paper for my present.... apparently spencer helped pick it out haha love him <3


sunday was a chill day.... as always. i love chill days...
the mirror in my room makes me happy. dont know why, it just does


saturday night was cameron's prom night :)
it was 50's theme....
when i see this i think of "Grease".... yep


these are the lights in out dining room...