Monday, January 4, 2010


sorry this is kinda blurry. the yellow stuff is eggs. so, apparently spencer can reach the very very edge of the counter now. scary huh? my mom had just made him eggs and cut them up and set them on the counter to cool off and i was facing the other way watching my dog. then all the sudden swiffer runs over to the other side of the kitchen and starts eating the eggs. i was trying the take the picture and hold my dog back at the same time and the camera kept moving.

this is my other bed in my room..... it is ALWAYS messy. i seriously just cleaned it too but somehow all of my stuff magically gets back on it again! hmmmm...... but really, this bed is like my own storage closet except its out in the open where everyone to see it. i think i need to relocate my storage closet. :)

HE IS SO STINKIN' CUTE!!! i love my little brother! my little cousins were over at my grandma's house for the weekend and one of them had a rolling backpack and spencer just LOVED it! so my mom bought him one of his own today and he LOVES this one too! <3>


  1. uumm SO CUTE! I love your brother too! and YOU!

  2. you have an extra bed? pretty sure i need to use it at some point. haha ;D

  3. Remember the days when you were so clean... and you would get mad if we wouldn't make our beds or our sheets were not smooth after we did make them. hahahaha good times!