Tuesday, March 2, 2010


this is nothing special... at all.
but i finished another one of Nicholas Sparks' book on Friday. it was great! i was very satisfied with it!
p.s. today (tuesday)i finished another book of his called "the rescue". that one was also a good read!

oh and p.p.s. so this weekend, cameron went with my grandma to sacramento for my uncle's birthday and spencer went to his dad's house soooo it was just me and my madre all weekend! it was so nice and relaxing! we went to target, khols, coldstone, the moves (we saw "when in rome") and red lobser (with my grandma and her sister, my great aunt). we pretty much just chilled the rest of the time + watch some olympics (and that hockey game on sunday... MOST INTENSE GAME EVER...just sayin)

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