Thursday, February 11, 2010


day 7 out of "10 days of love"

well, today was the 14th anniversary of my dad's death. it was more like a day of rememberance. i love hearing story's about my dad. what he was like, how much people loved him, and what a good man he was. but i ESPECIALLY LOVE when people tell me about his laugh! they said that it was infectious. i wish i could physically hear it.... but, i think i hear it everyday. i hear it in the people who talk to me and make me laugh. i'm not saying that my laugh was as epic as his, but, i feel like everytime i laugh, so does he. which makes my day better, no matter how bad it seems. just hearing his laugh can make it all better. i do have to admit, when reading the comments on my facebook status, i did get a little teary eyed, but i really appreciated it. it just reminds me of how many people love and care about me and my family.

love you dad! see you soon!


  1. I love you Katie!!!!, and I love that you wrote about all that too!
    you are a wonderful girl and I love it when you laugh.