Saturday, February 20, 2010


i got some new cons today! i love converse incase you didn't know!
so, these are gray converse obviously, but they also have some green, purple, and black on them. those colors are on the tip of the toungue and on the top sides (does that make sense?) if not, i'm sorry. you are just going to have to deal with it. i'm not very good at explaning things via computer or text.


  1. NICE!!
    gotta love new converse!!
    i love the picture too!

  2. i have just plain gray converse so i am super jealous of your extra fancy bits. and i think i understand what you're saying it looks like but a close up would still be nice haha

  3. i was going to put the close up one on here, but i liked this one better. and the close up one was kinda hard to see anyways for some reason...

  4. if you click on the picture, IT GETS BIG!